Thursday, 5 February 2015

Bartley Tavern dinner

It's Thursday again, our eat-out day! As usual we went to the library to return and borrow some books and dvds. The kids had fun playing there too, they always do.

After our library session, we went to a nearby restaurant for dinner, the Bartley Tavern at West Lakes. We love going there as they also have a self-serve salad bar which includes cold and hot options.

Today I chose the Grazing Plate which includes a prawn & scallop skewer, stuffed bell peppers, marinated lamb back-strap, grilled chorizo, salt & pepper chicken, prosciutto, marinated mushrooms, crumbed haloumi, dips, bread & toasted ciabatta. It's huge even for a 1 person portion. Everything on the plate was delicious.

Hubby chose the one of the specials of the day which was not on the menu, lamb shanks on a potato mash with a tomato and vegetables sauce. This seems to be a winter dish but nevertheless was good even on this breezy summer's evening.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Golden Crown Chinese Restaurant yum cha

There are a number of yum cha restaurants in Adelaide but lately we seemed to frequent Golden Crown because 1) it's close to our home and 2) we almost don't need to make a booking unless there's more than 3 of us.

We would not say it's the best yum cha place available but then its standard is acceptable, if you don't compare it to Maxim in Hong Kong...

So each to their own, when we go for yum cha, we have some dishes all 3 of us like.. and some things that a person prefers more than the others. I don't take chicken feet, while my beloved doesn't touch the prawn dumplings. My princess has her own favourites too like siu mai, bbq pork puff pastry, steamed rice noodle rolls and egg tarts. We also went for some unconventional yum cha dishes like the salt and pepper soft shell crab (seafood, my preference) and duck feet (to my beloved's delight).

Yum cha is always enjoyable, and I think the more (people) the merrier but it always gave me feeling that I had more than I should...  it's hard to keep track of the amount of food that goes into our mouths as the portions look small but it all adds up!

Salt and pepper soft shell crab

Siu mai, fried flat dumplings, stir-fried chinese turnip cake with XO sauce, chicken feet, steamed fish balls and steamed pork ribs

Deep fried yam with pork mince & prawn and BBQ pork puff pastry

Egg tarts, Portuguese tarts, steamed rice noodle rolls and congee with century egg and lean pork

Duck feet with sesame sauce served with cucumber

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sushi Train

Mom has been on my back to resume my blog writing so I'm dedicating this comeback post to her..

Whenever I am doing/eating something which is Japanese (or related).. I always think of mom.. hence mom is on my mind again when we went to lunch at Sushi Train. As it name suggests, Sushi Train serves mainly sushi but also offers a variety of other authentic Japanese food.

Japanese cuisine is international, well-loved, and I honestly do not know a single soul who dislikes it.. It has a wide array of choices which promises to have something to suit everyone's palate.

Sushi Train brought the rotation sushi bar system, a unique part of the Japanese food culture, to Australia originally over 17 years ago. It began with its first restaurant in Queensland's Surfers Paradise in 1994 and had since set up 30 more around Australia and 1 in New Zealand. It was named Sushi Train because it originally used a unique concept of using a model train railway system to bring food to its customers. This has now been replaced by a more conventional conveyor system which goes round and round, bringing food to its customers regularly.

At Sushi Train, my better half and I like almost everything available while my princess prefers the soup udon we ordered specially for her. And I would like to leave you here with some (not all) of our choice sushi for the day.

Ika (squid) nigiri, tuna sashimi, salmon nigiri and tiger roll (tempura prawn and avocado)

Ramune strawberry soft drink and hot Japanese green tea

Gyoza, hamachi (kingfish) nigiri and salmon roll with salad

Teriyaki unagi (eel) roll

Karaage (fried chicken) udon soup and spicy tuna ship